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“Fifty years after they released their landmark album, the ‘godmothers of chick rock’...are back”

- The Guardian

“Fanny Walked the Earth reunites trail-blazing female rock band”

- LA Times

“Fanny Walked The Earth conveys the same effervescent spirit the 1970s Fanny possessed; these women see no need to sit on stools and wax gentle about their position as rock 'n' roll elders..."

-Ann Powers (NPR)

“The self-titled LP...recaptures Fanny's signature spark while drawing on a deeper maturity.”

- Ultimate Classic Rock

“A track that's likely to gain attention out of the gate is ‘When We Need Her,’ an instant anthem.”

- LA Times

"Finally, Fanny are getting their due. And it only took about 50 years.”

- Yahoo! Entertainment